Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tweak me out Elmo

DEA: Drug ring transported meth inside Sesame Street character

OCTOBER 26--A Colorado drug operation hid large quantities of methamphetamine inside Elmo dolls, according to federal investigators who yesterday announced the indictment of 21 alleged members of the ring, which transported the drug from California. During a year-long probe, Drug Enforcement Administration agents seized an Elmo doll (seen in the below DEA evidence photo) in Barstow, California that was stuffed with four pounds of methamphetamine. When investigators opened up the plush doll's skull, they discovered the drug stash inside wrapped in plastic. While Elmo has never previously been linked to narcotics distribution or use, the Sesame Street character appears to have no teeth, which frequently is seen in heavy meth users.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
"Elmo paranoid like a muther fucker!". You know it says that shit when you pull the string. Or, "Elmo clean kitchen alllllll day!" And, "Elmo pick sores on face!"
Damn, in my day it was McDonalds bags!

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