Monday, September 11, 2006

We need to feel good

So imagine that this post is the equivalent of the DJ saying "okay now y'all, we're going to bring it down a notch for a minute" before announcing that it was Couples Skate only at the Planet Skate roller rink and arcade (Oh damn, I just totally dated myself). It's been 5 years since the Towers were hit.

I was in college at the time, in my design class. We were working on projects to demonstrate advanced color theory (girls, really, my homework was to demonstrate a fuckin' rainbow. How hard can that be for someone who aced his advanced homosexuality final??). I had heard about the first plane hitting on NPR (uh, my partner listens to that, not me. I'm on a steady diet of Britney, Xtina, and lil Kims), but they thought at that point that it was an accident. My family is military, so I kept getting calls from them telling me that no, it was something much worse. I had to leave class, but the teacher (who I would eventually argue with so much that I dropped out of college with the words "I don' t need your fucking piece of paper to tell me I can paint, bitch!") didn't mind. I went to my day job and we all sat around a TV watching everything unfold. I had to go for a walk, and I ended up inside St Mary's cathedral in downtown Austin, TX. I sat in a pew in the back because I didn't want to burst into flames or anything. I lit a candle and my dried up tear ducts managed to squeeze out a few puffs of salty air because my tears are gone, y'all.
I'll be back soon, hopefully with something fun and fluffy. (cuz OMG, New York is back on Flavor of Love 2 y'all! I nearly choked on my pork cracklin's when I saw that shit go down!)

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Gurls, doesn't that Breakdown dude ever publish anything? I'll tell you some'n for nuttin' - he's always so busy over at D-Listed on the comments boards, I swear if he took all those one lines, and stuck them all together, he's have like an essay to post every week! Word!

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