Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This just in...

As of 8:51 P.M. CST, TMZ.com reports:

The coroner investigating the death of Anna Nicole Smith's son Daniel on Sunday tells TMZ that Daniel died of unnatural causes. "We do know the cause of death," says Her Majesty's Coroner, Linda T. Virgill. "But we wish to reserve publishing the cause of death pending the toxicologist's report." Virgill adds that her office will be releasing the results of the report and cause of death Thursday.

This story keeps changing by the hour, ya'll...so stay tuned. And pray for homegurl...she needs all she can get right now.

People magazine is reporting this:

Anna Nicole Smith's son, Daniel, died on Sunday in the Bahamas and official are now ruling that he did not die of natural causes. He was found in Anna's hospital room after she gave birth to a daughter.

"The cause of death is not natural," Her Majesty's Coroner Linda P. Virgill tells PEOPLE. "However, we wish to reserve the cause of death at this time pending the toxicologist examination and report for confirmation of cause of death. Friday is the likely release date for the autopsy and toxicology report."

Daniel Smith was found sitting upright in a chair after going to see his mother and his new half-sister in the private Doctors Hospital in Nassau, Reginald Ferguson, assistant commissioner of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, told reporters late Monday.

According to Virgill, a coroner's inquest with a jury will take place, and Anna Nicole Smith will likely be asked for her testimony. "All persons who are relevant witnesses, like his mother and hospital staff and airline personnel who had contact with him, would have to testify," Virgill says. "The inquest would happen late October or early November to determine how, when and by what manner Daniel came to his death."

She continued, "The family wishes to return the body to the United States, but it won't be released until the reports are in."

Ok...I just heard on the news about an hour ago that Daniel's body has been released to a funeral home in California, and the body is in transit. He will be buried in California. The news also stated that the coroner believes a cause of death has been found, but as stated above, no information will be released, if any, until the reports are in.

Poor Anna Nicole. I live about 30 miles from her hometown of Mexia, Texas, and it's all over the local news here. Very sad. *sigh*


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