Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Where have I been y'all? I don't even know. I got a little bit sick and then I come back and find that my homegirl is now the Diane Fosse of the crazy people crack shack and whore emporium (I say that with love, gurl, you know I do! you're diane fosse, not one of the crazies!).

Well, I do love hearing about the folk that live in Chili's world... but let's talk about sane people for a while!, wait, that's not right. This bitch is just not right with Jesus. Or Xenu. Or Xena, for that matter. I hear he's apologized to Brooke Shields; that's good. I wonder why he did it though? Ho should apologize to Matt Lauer (who, by the way, is a total DILSO) (suck off, bitches, I don't do anal).

OH HOLY SHIT IT'S A GAY BLACK VIKING DEVIL!! No.. that's just Foofy Foo. Whew, thank Shiva he's not gay.

Well dang, it looks like we have no one to talk about... La Gayken has dropped off the map, probably gone back to his original career as a Celine Dion impersonator; and my own personal lord and savior Lil' Kims has disappeared. Where's the revolution Ms. Kims, where??

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Blogger Bedazzler said...

Chuck we need you. Its been such a long time baby. Mmmm, you is soundin' fine.Oh yeah. No give it more. Yeah that's it. Don't stop. YEEEEEES. We missed you baby.

7:18 AM PDT  

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