Thursday, August 10, 2006


Oooooh ya'll!! So, I got moved in yesterday. I'm all set up. I gots me a bed, a TV/DVD combo, my desk and chair and tons o'storage! And I've got a mini-fridge and my coffee pot, too, so I can drink my snooty-ass flavored coffee. Oh, and there is an easy chair, too. Gurl, there is an older black lady that does the cooking, and I don't think I've had food that good since I last ate at Hoover's in Austin! I lurves me some soul food! You just KNOW I'ma get more fat than I already am!

I don't mean to sound uppity, because I'm not, but I am the most intelligent and educated of all the clients, and I am the most functional. We have one that's a drooler, a couple that walk and talk to themselves, and a couple that are just kinda slow. I will SO tell you stories once I get a grip of the schedule. My next door neighbor is as quiet as a mouse, gurl! And of course, I will be using pseudonyms for their names, because it just isn't kosher to violate their privacy. I wouldn't want anyone to break mine, so I'll do the same out of respect.

It's sad when the bed here sleeps better than my own, but it does. I didn't even make it till 10pm last night. I was so exhausted, I basically just dropped. Gurl, then the staff knocked on my door at 6AM!! Normally, I would have gone ape shit, but I didn't want a shot in the butt of something that would knock me out. However, nice as it would be, I had two assignments due today, so I needed to stay alert.

Ok babies, I'll find a story to write about for "Tales From A Crazy Place: The Lithium Chronicles".
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Blogger EgOiStE said...

gurl, are you sure it doesnt say eXodus outside there somewhere?

8:51 PM PDT  
Blogger ChiliGurl said...

ROFL!! Gurl, some of these people couldn't even SPELL eXodus, let alone know what it is! LOL

2:04 PM PDT  
Anonymous Bea Gass said...

dayum, sounds like an ok place.......hope you doing good, gurl....i do so miss yer ass. please keep us updated.......LOVE the name LITHIUN CHRONICLES. HELL, i even like spelling lithium chronicles. rolls right off the tongue, so to speak.

6:43 PM PDT  

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