Monday, July 17, 2006

You're eidah iiiin, or you're owt!

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Mmhmm.'s BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!! Project Run With Scissors (and stab Jay McCarroll) just started season 3 this week. I smell some queeny drama coming up (pun intended) early in the season. I'm sorry, but everybody I know who watches this brilliance is gay. They NEED to call that shit Project RunGay. Austin Scarlett SHOULD have won season 1. But nooooooooo...that had to give it to that freak Jay. I was kinda suprised that Chloe won last season. I really wanted Andrae' (what happened to Andre'?) to win. Or Nick. Somewhere, in the archives, I have the gif file of Nick rolling his eyes. But one of the best moments in TV history EVER was Santino going the fuck OFF at pisssy Michael Kors. He was all, "blah blah, people don't even know who Michael Kors is...blah, blah, blah". I just about DIED. Kors pissy little balloon got busted. Thank gawd. And Nina Garcia...well, she's chilled out somewhat, but she still needs a big 'ole bitchslap right in the kisser. Knock that bitch off of her director's chair. Chirrenz, did ya'll see that "Project Jay" show (it was only one episode) where Heidi wanted him to design a dress for her for some big event that I don't remember? Mmhmm. They had to bring in some old no-label queen designer to help him!! I fell the fuck OUT when she dissed his damn dress. And guess who I just found out actually made the dress (very flattering, by the way) Heidi wore to said event? KERA SAUN!! Gurl, she made a better damn dress than Jay and he won that shit? You GO my sassy ebony sistah! And she has her own boutique in Los Angeles and Jay currently has NOTHING going on in New York City. I'm trying to restrain myself from falling out of my chair for laughing at him! Ooooh, and when Jay had to get a haircut for a walk-on performance, did anyone besides me notice who the hairdresser was? was JASON (ka-weeeeeen) from Blowout, who mysteriously was not in season two of Blowout. HMMM. He must have made Jonathan cry or some shit. That bitch always cries!
But, I digress...this ain't about crying Jonathan or Justin, it's about Season 3 of Project Runway!! I hope that old crazy man gets booted out. He's really, weirder than me, and THAT'S weird!
Oh well, I'm just glad it's back on. I was having an ANTM and PR withdrawal! And WTF is up with Heidi's hair in that picture? Did her baby with Seal do her weave that day?!?! Oh, gurl...don't EVEN get me started. Later, babies!!
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Blogger EgOiStE said...

gurl. Tatortot is on vacation and he ran into a bellhop who seemed all too familiar. Guess who it was? MALAN!

See here:

12:42 PM PDT  
Blogger ChiliGurl said...

ROFLMAO!! Gurl, I love the part where Tatortot said that his accent wasn't as thick in person. Cuz see, I was all like, "is he British, or is he a queen?"

2:24 PM PDT  
Blogger Brandon said...

I want the gay one to win.

9:16 AM PDT  

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