Monday, July 17, 2006

Sista Jenn news!!

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All I can say is YOU GO GURL!! Gurlfriend is hitting it bigtime!

and STANDING UP - screen in Berlin. Screening August 3rd

The curator at the newly opened "itowe Gallery" (in conjuntion with our Ebony Delight, The Breakdown) in Berlin, Germany is showing JO FM and STANDING UP as an installation piece projected throughout the museum beginning August 3rd. Very excited about the Deutschland exhibit!

(Gurl, STANDING UP is SO surreal!! When I saw it, the only way I could express how I felt about it to Jenn was that it felt like I could touch the vivid colors of the film and feel a temperature and texture! Brilliant!!)

JO FM to play at Cinesol Film Festival. Screening September 8th - 10th
Showing with The Texas Filmmakers Showcase 2006: Bubblecraft, Full Metal Slacks, JO FM, North of Ojinaga, Redemptitude, Room 314, Roslyn, Sole Mates, The Faith of Joey Rail, Vincent Valdez: The Art of Boxing, and Youngster.

(JO FM was a film that touched my heart...Jenn and I know the inside story and feeling behind it.)

Jenn Garrison to direct "The Ticket"
News Update
August 1st
Executive Producer and writer Jennifer Crusius has asked Jenn to direct the short film "The Ticket". This is Jenn's first director for hire opportunity, working with a script that she hasn't written or developed.


Esperanza is a nineteen year-old girl who lives in Houston with her Mexican-American parents and her three younger siblings. She works hard to contribute to her familys income while she saves up to go to school.

On a whim, she and a friend decide to buy Texas Lotto tickets. That same day, Esperanza returns home to discover that her father is very sick. He is no longer able to work and her income will become crucial to her familys survival. Esperanza forgets about the ticket.

We soon find out Esperanza picked the winning numbers, though she herself is oblivious. She takes a job as a waitress at a strip club, but it is not long before she becomes a stripper. As she struggles to bring in more money, her moral boundaries are tested. When she discovers her father needs surgery, we wonder how far she is willing to go.

Throughout the story, the winning ticket is in danger of being lost or stolen. Will Esperanza lose the ticket and never claim her winnings? Will she lose her self and never again be whole? This question becomes one and the same in The Ticket.

Sista Jenn had also had screenings in Los Angeles and Canada! Everyone needs to give her a well-deserved pat on the back.

We here at The Vitriol love and fully support Jenn!!
I totally stole the picture from Jenn and the news items from GinJar Productions)

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Blogger The Breakdown said...

I am proud to report that the visitors to our gallery are loving Jenn's movies.

She is going to get a new following here.

When she becomes famous, I want my check!


12:33 PM PDT  
Blogger ChiliGurl said...

Haaaaaaay! I want my damn check, too!

2:41 PM PDT  

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