Monday, July 03, 2006


No no no, today isn't the day that Clay finally professes his love for me, today is the day the Lil' Kims gets outta jail! She's been let out early because of her good behavior; that means she didn't shank any bitches what didn't already deserve it. That's class, y'all.

Now I know that some of you are thinking "What can I do to celebrate this most momentous of occasions?" and so I will let you know a secret. When I'm faced with problems or situations that I don't understand or know how to deal with (wif?), I ask myself:


Yeah? What would Lil' Kims do??

So here is what I'ma do. I'm taking today off to rest and relax. I will go to the spa for a massage and then get my weave did up and then get a manicurr and pedicurr. Color to be decided later. I will then sleep while my Skanky Clothes Elves whip up a new monochromatic outfit (which my nails and weave will match, natch). I will then spend the 4th of July celebrating FREEDOM! The freedom of Lil' Kims! I will celebrate just like her; swallowing footlong hotdogs whole, pouring out 4os for my homies back in the jail, and possibly re-learning how to do guys. As part of my 4th of July theme, I may decide to go old school and do Freedom Williams.

Is that dope enough? Indeed.

Peace out, bitches, and happy 4th. PS - this blog may just be me for a little bit; send your peace and love vibes to my bald sistah Chili. She needs the lurve right now, y'all.

© 2006 CH


Blogger Bedazzler said...

SHIZ, hail BITCHUZ! I'm gonna bust out an extra cell in celebration.
Tho, gurls, what's with the QUADRUPLE BOOB ON A CHAIN? Jus' askin'.

7:49 AM PDT  
Blogger Bedazzler said...


7:51 AM PDT  

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