Monday, July 17, 2006

Celebrity Fun Facts

Below are some little known-facts about some of our favorite people... no pictures today, so I apologize to the stupid people who are now looking at the screen saying "where's the pitchers of lil kims??" Go watch your stories, dumbfucks!
Angelina Jolie can survive for a week on the water she stores in her lower lip.
Kim Fields- Tootie from the Facts of Life- can be used as an emergency flotation device.
Christina Aguilera is neither animal, vegetable or mineral. She is a complex mirage created through the distortion of light through lenses, colored gels, and naturally occuring methane gas. Her voice is nothing more than the previously mentioned methane gas escaping from deep crevices in the Earth's crust.
Tom Cruise will eat your baby.
Meryl Streep is not a lesbian, but she can teach you a thing or two about appreciating the lady-parts.
Alexis Arquette is the product of generations of selective breeding to produce the best actress EVAR. She's like, the Quisatz Haderach of Hollywood, y'all. Wiki that shit, trolls.
Mel Gibson is your father. I'm sorry.

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Blogger ChiliGurl said...

OMG!! So, THAT'S why we haven't seen Suri! Tom ate that shit!!

11:36 AM PDT  
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