Tuesday, April 11, 2006

That's what I THOUGHT!!

Mmhmm...guess what arrived today? Thas' right...the mobility scooter. Wow, UPS sure found it fast, didn't they? Good lawd. I'll test it out later today after I've had some sleep. Details later, my babies!!
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UPDATE: As of now (14:55), I have tried out the new mobility scooter and it kicks ass!! It has a low-speed switch (which granny here will be using) and a high-speed switch (for getting my fat ass up a hill). It's really pretty, ya'll. I also determined that when you are taking a corner, lean as if you were riding a motorcycle, and your balance will stay perfect!! This is what I really needed in the first place, instead of the suicide machine! It was certainly worth what I paid for it!! Look out, ya'll, Im'a be flying past your house at 8 MPH (low speed), and doing a drive-by cursing!!
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