Saturday, April 08, 2006

Slacker Saturday

Ya'll...ya know how "nice" I am on here. Well, remember my mobility scooter that was supposed to arrive yesterday? It didn't. And UPS has their fingers up their asses (not in a good way, boys) trying to find it. And don't even bother calling customer support. Oh, dear LAWD...dumb as a post, kids...dumb as a post. BUT...beleive it or not...I stayed calm. Because I just filed a claim with them for what the scooter was worth plus the shipping cost. Hehehe...I betcha they find that shit pretty quick now, gurl!

And it's Saturday...ya'll know what that means for me! Bing-GOH!! I will knock me down some old Korean bitches if I have to, gurl. With a BIG OLE' HOMO SAUSAGE!! *cackle* Have a great Saturday everybody...I'm sure if I win something, I'll tell ya'll all about it!
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Blogger Chuck H said...

mmm, sassy homo sausage... how was 'goh ?

9:08 AM PDT  
Blogger ChiliGurl said...

No go at 'goh....details above, baby! xoxo

9:49 AM PDT  

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