Saturday, April 29, 2006

Masturbate more!!

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I don't think I can add to this one!! I want to thank my friend FMouie for sending this to me!! *BIG HUGS* to ya, baybee!
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Blogger INeedAnotherCocktail said...

Whoops ....

I guess Hey-zoos looks like swiss cheese by now coz of moi!!!

10:55 PM PDT  
Blogger ChiliGurl said...

Mmhmm, honey. Hey-Suess has more stab wounds than Sharon Tate, gurl!

10:31 PM PDT  
Blogger Bedazzler said...

Praise the Lard bitchuz.

2:11 AM PDT  
Anonymous Bea Gass said...

now THATS a typical catholic school-looking nun... i had 8 years of joy and knuckle rapping.

9:26 AM PDT  
Blogger Bedazzler said...

Knuckle raping?

6:29 AM PDT  

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