Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Grief, gurl....

Well, shit. Ya'll, Im'a be "sitting shiva" for a day because my beloved redhead Mollie Sue (what IS it with me and cute redheads?) got cut from tonights' ANTM. *sniffle* I'll miss licking the TV, watching the show now that you're gone.

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Blogger Chuck H said...

you were after her lucky charm?

8:31 PM PDT  
Blogger ionca said...

what a great episode. i was thinking jade was gonna have an omarosa moment when they showed that take.

last night's episode was proof positive that the producers were just making for GOOD TV by doing that with jade. while i don't like the bitch, she does make for some damn fine television viewing pleasure, right?

and while this tv viewing pleasure claimed yet another casualty, her time is nearing an end.

but i really miss gina. she was retarded. in a good, asian way.

8:09 AM PDT  
Blogger ChiliGurl said...

Chuck........gurl, I was after more than her lucky charm. LOL

ionca, GURL I KNOW what you mean about Jade. She was all pissing me off telling nnenna what to say to her boyfriend. I wanted to yank that yellow scrub off of her head! Every time I hear the name Gina now, all I can think of is that dog video over at Michael K's where the old bitch says "he bite my bagina" ROFL

8:33 AM PDT  

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