Sunday, April 02, 2006

GOH, Bitch!!

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GURLS...ok, Im'a make a short story here goes.

My sister told about this new bingo hall about a mile from my house. It's brand spanking new. It is SOOOOOOOOO nice there. Clean, a huge non-smoking room, spotless snack bar (I like that the guy who prepares the food wears food service gloves) and everyone is so friendly! I went on Friday and didn't win anything, but the ladies that worked there were so sweet and nice....and the customers are really friendly, too!! Plus, no alcohol is served and there aren't a bunch of damn kids running around. And no cussing allowed!! (actually that was really easy on me)

My "beloved father" did not want me to go play on Saturday. I think he just wants me to sit and home and be as fucking miserable as he is, but I digress.

....I went back yesterday and the workers recognized me and welcomed me back and 2 of them gave me a hug! Well, I never win anything on regular bingo, but I played english and won $50!!! It would have been $100, but another player also had bingo! I am still excited!!

I'll probably go again next time during the week or something........and there were NO Koreans on Friday and only 3 on Saturday and NOT ONE "bing-GOH"!!! And the lady that works there that I just adore...she's so funny.....she ran up and gave me a big hug when I won!I know, it's no $600 or $750 jackpot...but hey, the only thing I've ever won before is bad luck!! :-D

I just had to gloat for a moment.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

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