Sunday, March 05, 2006

That's Queen Bitch to you...

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Haaaay!! Gurl, this week was just not good. As Chuck (haaaay gurl!!) already told ya'll, I had an accident on my green power transport module. Shit...a damn car came screeching around a corner and was coming right towards my ass!! I was at full speed and couldn't slow down in time but I tried to avoid the damn car and hit a BIG ass rock and got thrown from the green machine. I took the brunt of the force on my right palm, thus fucking up my ENTIRE right arm. My wrist is better, but I can't lift any weight with it yet (not even a cuppa kawfee). My elbow...I dunno what the hell has happened to it, but I still can't straighten my arm. It's still dangling at like a 45 degree angle. transportation device has a maximum speed of 21mph, but that is enough to KILL your ass. It's basically a seat, two tires, three batteries and some metal. It rides kinda like a Vespa, but it's not in any way classy. Bitch, shut up!! My ass is poor and it's all I can afford! Well, thank goodness for helmets. I just died a little for saying that because when I used to pack on Harleys' YEARS ago in a previous life (like, 20 years ago), I never wore a helmet and was strictly against them. My, how opinions change when you get old.
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Did ya'll watch the Oscars? What a crock of shit this year, no? At least those dumb fucks got the Best Actor right. Everything else was BULLSHIT!! Bullshit, I say!! Felicity and Dolly got robbed and that fucking rap song for best song? Oh NO MA'AM!! "Crash" got some well deserved attention and I liked Ang Lee's acceptance speech. Isn't that Rachel Weisz bitch the same gurl that Kathy Griffin goes off about in "Allegedly"? Methinks it is. In so many words, Kathy called her a mean-ass cunt. And I will beleive Kathy...because she is one of us, bitches!! But I digress. ANYway...the Oscars...pile o' crap, as usual.
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Sooooo...this week, we'll all be back on track...knock on wood. "Gab With Gurl" is back on the schedule for Friday (haaaay) and I'm sure Chuck and I will have some more goodies in the next few days!!

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(Yes, I'm feeling sassy again!!)

P.S. Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much for holding down the fort, Chuck!! I owe you 2 kissies and 2 BIG hugs!! I love you!!
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Blogger Chuck H said...

no worries gurl, you know I always got yo' back!

7:08 AM PST  
Blogger Brandon said...

Ouch! Kisses and hugs. The Oscars are gay - and not in the good way.

7:28 AM PST  

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