Friday, March 17, 2006

My ANTM Predictions...

ItHere is my take on the last 2 episisodes. I am SO glad that stupid conservative bitch from Houston got eliminated before the show even got started. Homophobic bitch had the nerve to go off about gays in from of Tyra, Mr. Jay and Miss J. Alexander. Oh NO MA'AM. That bitch needs to go back to Being Miss Houston Mud Air.
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm from a so called "Red State" but I'm a card carrying queer, gurl. But, I digress.

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The was one girl who didn't make the cut and I really thought she was a pretty girl and should have made it! This is her:
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Now, then...just from what I have seen so far, Furonda is the biggest shit stirrer around. Fucking condescending bitch with her "rules of behavior". I tell you what, ya'll...I would have taken every one of those fucking lists and shoved it down her mouth and throat. Bitch needs to be cut...and not only from the competetion, but a ghetto-ass cut as well!
Here's how her tired ass REALLY looks!!!
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Photo courtesty of Cutie Pie Rich at Four Four

Which brings me to the postive side of my viewing the past couple of weeks.

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Miss Nnenna!! Why? Because she has a beauty unrivaled by the other contestans, she always gets her photo shoots done without a problem or complaining. She also has the most beautiful personality. This girl could look fabulous in a potato sack!! I am on TEAM NNENNA!!

Well, as far as the girl I'd like to get down and dirty with...yep, it's Mollie Sue. You bitches know as well as I do that I have a thing for HOT redheads. And miss thang is no exception.
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Oh well, a gurl can dream. Hell, that's what Ive been doing since 1997 with no luck in lurve.
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Blogger Brandon said...

Is that the key to your heart around Mollie Sue's neck?

11:13 AM PST  
Blogger ChiliGurl said...

It sure is, baybee!! <3 <3

5:07 PM PST  

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