Friday, March 03, 2006

A deadly scourge

Y'all, I have to talk about something that both sickens and saddens me. I'm worried about the state of gay hair today.

Why have we gone so shaggy? Everywhere I look I see gaybots with that wavy, almost feathered OC-inspired hair, and it makes me ill.
Or even worse than that is the Gayfro. Oh lord, please make it stop! For real, it doesn't look good. I actually know someone with a gayfro, and he fucking loves it (he also watches the WB ON PURPOSE). He says it lets him be versatile with his look; sometimes HE GELS IT and it looks like he's Medusa's gay brother. Oh- speaking of- was it just her head that was all snakey, or do you think she had snake-pubes too? Dang, no wonder she was so angry, she couldn't get laid! But I digress....

Really, it needs to stop. You know why? Because men over 24 shouldn't even attempt it, and I'm sick of seeing 38 year old guys in Aber-fucking-crombie's neutered masculinity trying to work a head of shaggy hair that is invariably badly highlighted. Argh. I need to stop, I can't even think correctly right now. It must be happy hour...

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Blogger Brandon said...

God, I know exactly what you mean. I fucking hate it. Eww that one in the yellow is so gross. EWWWWWWWWWwwwwww. OMG I'm so tired.

7:30 AM PST  
Blogger ChiliGurl said...

Mmmhmmm!!! What happened to my clean cut guys?!?!

10:09 AM PST  

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