Sunday, March 19, 2006

Chuck is back from Spring Break and I got a haircut!

Gurl, you know how Chuck was hollerin' about irritating drunk college kids. Shit, I hate them too. I also hate large crowds unless the Gay Austin Mafia is in charge. I am SO glad to welcome Chuck and his hubby back home where they belong. I hope they made thier own White Party and Chuck had his fill of cocktails for me!! I'll be really happy to see the recap of the events!
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And on my front, I got bored as hell yesterday. See...I needed a haircut, but my hairdresser was out for 4 WEEKS on maternity leave. (Leave it to a breeder) Well, I just couldn't stand that shit anymore. So guess what, my babies...I have a pair of those professional hair clippers (the kind they scalp military people with), and BUZZZZZZZZ I went to town!! Now, it doesn't look like a Marine cut which looks like someone's ass, but it is DAMN short. I will probably finish today before I go to bing-GOH! Just to freak the fucking Koreans out. BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
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And NO, this is NOT me, bitches!!
I am FAR cuter than this skaink!
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Blogger Brandon said...

OMG I think I met that girl at Lilith Fair in '99.

11:11 AM PST  
Blogger ChiliGurl said...

GURL!! I was there at the one in Austin...I had hair and was smoking weed by the bathrooms! ;-)

5:11 PM PST  

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