Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sho'Nuff Neeikqua!!

"Oooh gurl, I ain't seen you in a...DAMN, Sheneikqua! Is that you stinking like that, GURL?!?! Well, you need to douche yo' NASTY ASS...there's a whole family of seagulls followin' yo' nasty ass, DAMN!!"

Shit...I LOVE that sound wav file. That one and the "wash the coochie" one and the "queenteam" one. I've got all of my old wav files (over 1,000) on the old computer on the desk to the right of me. I know, I'm gonna be one of those old women, bitter and alone, screaming at kids to get the hell out of my yard and to leave my 500 stray cats alone. I'll be an eccentric recluse with old computers all in my office. I'm so bad I still have spare parts to build another tower but I don't know how, so the parts just sit there. Heh.

ANYway, I figured I should post something so people didn't think I had died or gotten arrested or some other tragic shit. I do have a head cold which is driving me nuts, though.

Replaced the ignition switch on the scooter so it runs mo' better, but's too cold to ride!! Next stop, Harley Davidson or Indian. Just kidding!! I'm so clumsy I'd kill myself just trying to get out of my driveway!

As you can see, I live an extremely exciting life!!

Oh well...until next inspiration, later my babies! WHERE the fuck is my Afrin?!?!

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Blogger Chuck H said...

omgwtfbbq, I so need some of your wav files... my computer done died, and it took 'em all with.

7:20 AM PST  

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