Sunday, February 05, 2006


Ladies and Chicks with Dicks, I'm sad to be the one to tell you that Grandpa Munster is no longer with us; he daid, gorl. and jay, doe he wok troo da balley ub da chadow ub daith...

Seriously, I learned how to be an insane goth gay boy by watching tv. My mentors were Grandpa Munster (witty, articulate, catty, and a snappy dresser fo' sho) and that flaming homo from Lost in Space (I bet there's footage of him somewhere saying "Oooh, the pain! the poppers have burned my nostrils, oooooh!" Danger, indeed, Will Robinson!). I'm gonna wear black now, y'all. see ya.

Ps- Check my new wheels, yo. I'm so gonna rock the Dragula next time I need to make a road trip.

Lost in Space, and Lost on the Cutting Room Floor

"Ooh, I suck a mean dick, Will Robinson, just you wait. There are no girls here you aren't related to, and some day...oh yes, some day soon my boy, you will regret having rejected my offer of training." At this point, Dr. (of love) Smith would pack up his Boy Butter and swish back off to the ship.

For serious y'all, this man is scary. I think I learned a lot from him, but mostly in the same way that I learned from my mother... I learned what NOT to be or do. Thanks for teaching me not to wear a mustard turtleneck with an atrocious cardigan Dr. Homo!

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Blogger Fmouie said...

awwwww...Dr Smith provide a good scary example of who to avoid after school in the comic book section. "oh, Deah!! Oh, Deah!!"

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