Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kelly Clarkson, what are you thinking??

I kind of dig the hair, even though I think it's one of those haircuts that everyone has to have at some point in their lives. Hell, my hair looked that like that when I was a hairburner- except mine was that horrid shade of magenta/wine that all hairburners have (international hairdresser purple, I think it's called). The dress though... Is it...could it really be... TAUPE? Is she for real wearing a color normally only found in a L'Egg?? Kelly, listen to me- your stylist hates you. THAT'S A FACT! I mean, if your stylist wasn't your worst enemy, then you wouldn't be in a dress that HAS A GODET! And your purse? It looks like it's encrusted with cigarette butts, and THAT IS NOT SEXY.

Now, because I like you, I will end with something nice:

At least it's not another goddamn fishtail skirt, and your new nose is HOT.

ps- Claire Danes is the new Jesus.© 2005 CH


Blogger Brandon said...

I love Kelly - even went to high school with her - but but she doesn't have enough tits to be doing the Scarlett Johannsen.

11:35 AM PST  
Blogger EgOiStE said...

it looks like a purse made from those Bugles you find on the cracker aisle down to the HEB gurl

12:31 PM PST  
Blogger ChiliGurl said...

Hmmm...Bugles and ciggie butts. Chicks dig it.

7:03 PM PST  

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