Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Hey gurl, what'cha doin' over there...can't you see...I'm spraying my hair! Ok, that proably makes no sense to any of you. It's the beginning line of the song "Hairspray" by Debbie Harry from the John Waters' film of the same name. It was also Divine's last film. *sigh*

Oh well...that has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm gonna throw at you kids today!

Now, ya'll have heard me talk about my friend Jenn (haaay sista!!). Well, sista has now added some still pictures from her new film "Checkout" along with some video shorts of her other films!! Molly, you in danger, gurl if you don't see one of these films. In danger from my hand slapping your to-up face! Hehehe...just kidding. But her films are GOOD!

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Photo of Jenn provided by Jenn!

Also, I don't know if ya'll watch this show of trashy, cheap goodness...but that show "Rollergirls" on A&E on Monday nights is great!! I think all of them are straight, but that's ok. They aren't like the amazon butch women of roller derby that I remember from my childhood, though. Which is probably a good thing. ANYway, this show is just too much!! Monday night's episode dealt with Cha Cha wanting to skate again...against her friend Luna (they are on opposite teams). Gurl, Luna and Cha Cha also have a fake lesbian wedding on a party boat on Town Lake! What some straight bitches won't do for attention, no? It was like a "Girls Gone Wild" video or something, but without all the fake make-out out and titty-showin'. But, back to the main story...turns out Cha Cha won't be able to skate in the match becauce she only attened 5 out of 6 mandatory practice sessions. Oh, LAWD. But Cha Cha's team, the Putas Del Fuego (that shit cracks me UP!) win the match anyway. Luna got hurt playing and was a pussy about it. Waaaah...quit crying, bitch! This is roller derby! There ain't no crying in roller derby!! Oh well...watch the show on Monday night at 9pm on A&E.

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P.S. The show is about the roller derby girls of Austin, Texas. Bonus!!

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Blogger Chuck H said...

I didn't know this, but it turns out I know like 5 girls in the roller derby, all on the Hellcats. So yeah, I'm adopting them as my favorite team, but I do dig the PDF name!

4:16 PM PST  
Blogger Fmouie said...

Used to watch the Bay Area Bombers on tv in Wash. state as a teen. Loved that shit. I still wear knee pads as an ahomage to their rolling spirit.

5:13 AM PST  

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