Thursday, January 26, 2006

the real introduction

Or, You In Danger Girl

F'real y'all I'm so happy to spread my message of peace and love through this, THE VITRIOL. No wait, that's Celestia's bullshit...

I'm just happy to have somewhere to talk about the stuff that floats around in my head; you know, you really can't be peace and love all the time. It jus' don't work that way, y'all.

I'll be in and outta here as the mood strikes me. Just so's ya know, I love to snark on bitches. I'm catty. I can be mean. I swear a whole fucking lot. I also like long walks on beaches, kittens, and the music of Zamfir.


Celestia Marie Jolie-Pitt

© 2005 CH


Blogger ChiliGurl said...

ROFLMAO!!! I had totally forgotten about Zamfir!! in danger, gurl!
Bring it, Celestia!!

12:25 PM PST  

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