Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Overcharged for an ear temperature...

Well, I finally go see the doctor today about this flu shit. All I can say is after the coughing fits and not being able to breathe in general, the fucker had BETTER give me something to knock my ass out for a WEEK! I am going to demand that he or she give me a shot of antibiotics in the hip, more antiboitics in pill form and some fucking PAINKILLERS!! That's right, I said that shit! I'm in constant damn pain anyway because of my feet, so why not give me something to help? And trust me, I will be the raging cunt from HELL if I don't get my painkillers. Just you watch. From a distance. It could get ugly. Well, if the docotor could hear a word I've said because I have no voice, but that's besides the damn point. I can punch like a mutha. I'll let you know unless I'm too doped up.Image hosted by
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Blogger Chuck H said...

gurl, you need the power of Spice to heal you; I'm send Ginger and Posh over right away.

5:31 AM PST  
Anonymous The Breakdown said...

Fuck spices!

Their shit DOES stink.

Steal a damn prescription pad and flee the building!

1:24 AM PST  

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