Sunday, January 22, 2006

OK! Quit whining!!

Ya'll are gonna pester me silly about the new pictures. Well, gurl...go HERE and you'll see them. The top one is me and my buddy Jenn (haaay sista!) at the screening of her last film, JOFM in Austin! The bottom one is of Chuck, me and Rich. Chuck and Rich have been together about 8 years now. I care about these three folks dearly. They are part of the group that I can count on one hand as my true friends. I love them all more than they know.Image hosting by Photobucket© 2005 BMD


Blogger Chuck H said...

Dude, I can so feel the love tonight! :) and I love you too.

When do I get to start contributing to your blog? :) f'real lady!

5:09 AM PST  

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