Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I'm a cheap bitch...really.

I was all reading through one of my old Rolling Stone magazines recently and an ad caught my eye! You all know I'm a total egomanic so I decide to order one of these bitches for myself for X-Mess. (With MY face on it, of course) WRONG!! After they make you go thru all KINDS of shit online, design, how many pictures, etc... that shit came out to $400!! That's right, $400!! Like I have that kind of shit just laying around. So I said fuck it. I'll just use their damn picture here, mother fuckers. I'm gonna get them back, though. I found this really cool place on the web where you design your OWN t-shirts. I may order a bunch and just give those fuckers out. Trust me, I have many design ideas in my head, but catty queeny suggestions are more than welcome. Here are the fuckers who just want to rip your ass off!!
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