Saturday, January 28, 2006

Deep in my heart

I started some post about who I was, and then it got all treacly and disgusting and I realized- "Hey, this isn't the place to write about this, you're not Tracy Chapman." Really, y'all don't want to hear about how I went from dirt poor Mexican (strains of "lovechild" fill the air, bitches) and became an international megacelebrity without having to release a sex tape (I just did it live!).

So instead let's think about this: Who would win in a fight? Oprah or Starr Jones?

See, the immediate answer is Oprah, but the thing about Starr is that she's actually a zombie raised by the dark sorceress Barbara Walters. She will come back and can't be stopped! What do y'all think?

The Oprah is coming for you, Starr! Why am I so obsessed with Oprah?? Oh yeah, I'm a starfucker and totally obsessed with power! I want to marry the O and live in a purse kennel that she carries around!

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Blogger ChiliGurl said...

Gurl, Star may EAT The Oprah.

9:27 PM PST  
Blogger The Breakdown said...

Oprah has her own bodyguard.

Gayle would beat Star's ass.

And Big Gay Al's TOO!

5:11 PM PST  

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