Saturday, January 28, 2006

David Gest has a Vagina

You know he does; he probably calls it his "delicate Flower" or "fountain of womanhood" or something equally disturbing. And what is da Brat doing with him?

Mimi is going to disown her and now da Brat can't call Mimi "lamb" anymore, and that hurts. But wait? What' s this about him and Blu Cantrell??

You'd think he want to stay away from her after his marriage to Liza with a Z (not addict with an A). Bitch, have you heard her sing? "Hit 'em up Style" !!! She will knock you upside the head like Liza did and then you will need more Botox; don't do it! You can almost express emotion, don't take 3 steps back!

I'm scared y'all, and not because of his face. I'm scared because he and I have the same taste in women. I don't count Liza, cuz she's more like an institution. A rehab!! hah!

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Blogger ChiliGurl said...

Same taste in women? You mean gay? LOL

6:31 PM PST  
Blogger The Breakdown said...

All the women he is connected to are rumored to be lesbian, and everyone knows he has the biggest clit this side of the Atlantic

5:08 PM PST  
Blogger Brandon said...

I saw him on Jimmy Kimmel about a week ago, and he was actually pretty masculine. It surprised the fuck outta me because I expected a nelly fucking queen.

2:26 PM PST  
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