Saturday, December 10, 2005

Shut UP, Nancy!!

You know who really hacks me off? Nancy Grace. That last name is an oxymoron. This zealous, rage-filled condescending nut continually spews her venom five days a week at CNN Headline News. And I thought CNN was a "news" network! Although I can empathize with her pain at the murder of her fiancee' (over 26 years ago, I might add), I don't think she should use her misguided anger to continually bash those who don't share her opinions. I tell you what...she makes Bill O'Reilly look like a teddy bear! While I don't agree with everything O'Reilly says, he at least makes you think. All Nancy does is become judge, jury and executioner to anyone even suspected of a crime! If Nancy Grace were to rule the world (and thank God she doesn't), everyone would be guilty until proven innocent. Just tonight, she dedicated a good twenty minutes on Michael Jackson's move to Bahrain. Why does she consider this newsworthy? Because she never gets tired of spreading her hate, that's why. Her license to practice law has been revoked because of her continued misconduct as a prosecutor. At least that worry has been taken off of our shoulders. I'm just glad I have Greta Van Susteren. She doesn't give her opinions; she relates the stories fairly...even if she is on Faux News Channel. (I spelled it like that for a reason, it's an inside joke) I have a dream. And that dream is that Nancy Grace-less will be taken off of what used to be a decent news channel. That, and I totally want to fling rubber bands at her hook nose. © 2005 BMD (Originally posted on 11/17/05 @ 01:15)

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