Friday, December 23, 2005

Nothing but LOVE that X-mess day!!

Ya know, my family is really big on having everyone over for X-Mess. The timing, hurriedness, confusion and chaos always seems to add to my stress level. Thank god I have my nerve pills, right?
Well, let me tell you all about a X-Mess I stayed in Austin to be with my friends, who are my family of choice. My family of blood was already going to be doing their thing, so I decided to do mine with my chosen family.
I had friends who were alone on X-Mess for various reasons; it was too far to travel to be with their families, some had been disowned by their families and some of them had personal reasons to stay in Austin.
On the day before X-Mess and X-Mess day, I entered my old #gayaustin chat room and told everybody that wanted to come to my house to eat was MORE than welcome.
My friend Jenn, (haaaaaay sista!) a local DJ working X-Mess that morning, took requests from all of us playing some crayzee stuff for us on the radio station that we all listened to that morning. We LOVED her for that!
I got up super early X-Mess morning and decided to do a HUGE one pot meal for everyone to make sure there would be enough for any of the stragglers that came in during the evening. And yes, my version of Texas Chili has a bunch of beer in it!
Well, gurl...guess what I made? A bigger than life pot of warming Texas chili, crackers, tamales, sour cream, chives and other snackies. Of course, we had cocktails! I think Chuck and I were getting ripped pretty early!! LOL My lady friend Dedi, who has remained a true friend to me all of these years also arrived pretty early too.
I hept hogging the remote and rewinding a cetain scene in this movie till Dedi said "get that remote away from her!", to Chuck and it got to be a joke to get the damned remote away from me!
(yeah, I eventually gave in, but not until we kept making snorting noises every time Jamie Gertz sniffed a line in Less Than Zero).
I'll never give away my chili recipie, but can tell you this: I had less then 6oz of chili left over from that HUGE ass pot I made it in for all of those people who came in and out for a meal and friendship. You know those big round pots that stand about three feet high? Mmhmm...6 ounces left. Normally after a party, you know how you have to clean the mess up? Well, friends were so wonderful they barely made any mess at all! I think I had everything cleaned up in about 15-20 minutes! Then
Triston comes back a few minutes later...he had forgotten he'd left his cell phone. Little did he know I had put it in a safe place for him. I beleive he knew right then that he could trust me. And that friendship has passed every single test put to us. Same with Chuck. We have never given up on each other. *sigh* I digress, tho.
Any of you who missed it.........well, you missed the event of X-Mess fun, love and companionship with the best people in the world. I am so blessed to have some of these people in my life to this day. And for that, I am one of the luckiest women alive!!
During the day, you could feel SO much love at my place. None of us really had money to buy gifts, but the love shown to each of us and all of us meant more than anything we could have ever bought.
I don't know that I have ever felt that much love in my lifetime. No, it wasn't the love of some woman, it was the love of a bunch of people who loved each other dearly.
I will absolutely never forget those that came over and had a good time. It really meant alot to me to be able to give them a warm meal, a warm, dry place to eat and a loving atmosphere enjoyed by all. Just goes to prove...we ARE family!!

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Blogger Fmouie said...

Hey darlin'. LOVE the gif!! (stole it from ya!).

I can see from your post that you must have a ton of friends. Good for you!! I've never been able to be as extroverted as you must be. I'm sure you must be a very loving person and receive in return. It's been a lot of fun "commenting" back and forth with you on Dlisted. You're a sweetheart, and I'm happy to have you in my world. The chili sounds awesome! However; I've not heard of beer in chili. Was that a goof?
Anyway, please add my love to the huge Santa sack you've undoubtedly collected. I hope you have a great Christmas and New Years. Perhaps, someday, in another lifetime, or situation, we'll meet, hug and smile.

8:37 AM PST  
Blogger Chuck H said...

that was an awesome Xmess... and the start of a great, if short lived tradition... take care of yourself this holiday, and I'll be thinkin' of you.

12:25 PM PST  
Blogger ChiliGurl said...

Yeah, sweetie....that Xmess will ALWAYS beone of the best holidays EVER! The love in that house can never be compared!

7:36 AM PST  

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