Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The North Pole

Um...more like the south hole! So, I feel so bad for my friends in NYC with this transit strike going on. Two of them couldn't even get to work today. I won't go into the politics of the strike, but I'll put it this way; I'd like to get a baseball bat and get down on some striking skulls! Gurl, then I could drive the bus. Imagine, if you will. Nothing but dance music played on my bus! We'd only go to the Village, Broadway, gay bars, high-end fashion boutiques and anything else we deem fierce! Plus, a wet bar in the back so ya'll can pre-party. And since I quit drinking in July 2004, I will stay the designated driver! Haaaay! Well, it looks like Gay Santa got on the subway and made it to the gay toy depository! I've been a good gurl this year...now gimme a present!! (Like a house in West Hollywood I can retire in!!)

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Blogger Chuck H said...

Gurl, you KNOW Pink Santa likes his Christmas HARD and CANDY-like. sho'nuff.

5:36 AM PST  
Blogger ChiliGurl said...

Crrrrrrrunch!! ROFL

2:27 PM PST  
Anonymous The Breakdown said...

Now WHO in the gay hell is going to let GURL drive a damn bus?

Hitting children and considering them speed bumps is banned in 49 states.

I will let you ignunts guess which one allows it.

9:57 AM PST  
Anonymous The Breakdown said...

Now just WHO in the gay HELL is going to let GURL drive anything, cuz you know she considers small chirrenz speed bumps.

And that is outlawed in 49 states.

Find that one and it's ON.


10:10 AM PST  

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