Saturday, December 10, 2005

Luby's strikes back!

Normally I wouldn't tell this story, but I think it's funny.

I remember a few years ago a friend told me she dated this chick that wanted to go eat at Luby's as a date. For some reason, I still find this hysterical, considering the Luby's "massacre" several years ago was in my hometown of Killeen, Texas. At the time, I lived in Belton, Texas about 4 blocks from the home of the suspect, but that's a story for a later time.
ANYway.....I've had a family member who has been hospitalized off and on the past few weeks in a hospital located about 15-20 miles from here. There is a Luby's in that city. My family has eaten there a couple of times in as many weeks as it is close to the hospital.
To understand how old I am and feel, think about this: We go into Luby's, get our food and sit down. We're eating and I hear a familiar beat above my head. It's that damn song "Sunglasses At Night" by Corey Hart (or whatever his name was.......and whatever happened to HIS career?). I think to myself, "Ok, I can handle this" and proceed to eat my fiber or whatever newly middle-aged folks like myself eat.
That song was followed up by yet MORE 1980's top 40 tunes! Hits from high school!! I then realize that this is not a nightmare but something even more sinister. I'm now officially part of the Luby's crowd. Hell, maybe I might want to get massacred. But keeps going like that damn Energizer bunny. It's scary out here. Help me. Please?
I feel like this is another "special helmet" day.
Granny is going to lie down now. Wake me up when it's time for my Geritol Liquid. © 2005 BMD (Originally posted on 10/19/05 @ 17:58)
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