Friday, December 09, 2005

Let's get started...

Hey, kids! Ya'll know I have been ranting for years. So, I decided to post things I find funny, entertaining, ignunt and just plain wrong. I am an opinionated bitch with my own take on the world and the people in it. I'll be posting some of my older stuff on here so that you can see my own brand of twisted observation.
I want to thank my dear friend Triston for standing by me and encouraging me to put my thoughts out here for people to see. I love you, Boo Peck!. Also, a big ass thank you to that hot slut Michael K over at dlisted for giving me inspiration to go ahead and just be me. Ya'll have got to see his site!
Getting down to business, if you want to comment on what I post, that's all great!! However, I will NOT tolerate racist or homophobic comments. Anything I deem inappropriate or just plain ignunt will be removed.
Now then, let's have some fun, trash things we can't stand, holla for stuff we like, and support our friends in their endeavors, okay? Ok.

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