Saturday, December 10, 2005

It's so darksided it won't die!!

So...I was up last night wasting my brain by watching television. I was switching channels when I came to my local NBC affiliate and saw that Jay Leno was going to have Marguerite Perrin on his show!! Oh mah GAWD!! If you didn't see this, all I can say is that I feel sorry for you. Roseanne Barr was on too...I kept laughing because Roseanne kept laughing at Marguerite! And Marguerite made Roseanne look like a Supermodel! Actually, Roseanne looked kinda hawt. Honey, Marguerite literally came out and said that Jay was hotter than a pastrami sammich. I thought I was gonna DIE! Mrs. Perrin was actually pretty funny, to my dismay. I totally expected her to be the freak she was on Trading Spouses! © 2005 BMD (Originally posted on 11/30/05 @ 16:36) Thanks to Michael K for the pics!


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