Thursday, December 22, 2005


Hey chirrens! I know I haven't posted much this week. To be honest, it's been pretty damn boring. I got all my X-Mess shopping done, though. And I got everything through the mail!! KNOW thas right!
Normally, I buy myself something really big and pricey for X-Mess but since I got the fabulous new computer earlier this year, I got myself a few small things. First I got THIS. Honey, it's her best damn work EVER!! It's a must see. If you don't have it, GET IT! I also got myself THIS, which is great as a collector's item but not that good for practical use. Finally, I got myself THIS. Because hey, after all I've been through the last 2 years I deserve something nice and luxurious! I really want THIS, but it can wait until next year. I'd really like Kim from ANTM in my stocking this year, but I'll have to settle for the picture.
Ya know, this time of year everyone gets all warm and fuzzy, loving and caring and all that. It's too bad we don't act that way all the time, no? We can start now, know?
If you don't celebrate X-Mess, have a great whatever you're celebrating!!
If you do, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
And...Happy Birthday, Jesus. I didn't forget ya, man.
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Photo provided by me, ChiliGurl. And yes, that's me as Santa. © 2005 BMD


Blogger Chuck H said...

re: your comment on my blog... I love that CD too, I have it on my iPod. Gurl, this year really is a hard candy x-mess!

10:34 AM PST  
Blogger A.K.A.B.U. said...

question...what the heck is it like living in Texas around the "good ol boys" being gay? I bet you have some horror stories to share. I am a Canuck and very liberal...the conservatives actually try and make it an election issue up here regarding same sex marrage...but our populous says, "Get the fuck outta our bedrooms!"

10:11 PM PST  
Blogger ChiliGurl said...

I can only think of one real horror story. I was bashed by a guy who thought I was a gay man. The general public doesn't bother me. I'm pretty out there, and my height is pretty intimidating to alot of people. I will have to agree that our conservative Republican legislators here have taken the gay community back 50 years as far as civil rights are concerned. But we will NEVER give up!
Thank you for being so supportive! And the kiddo is cute, too! :-)

12:22 AM PST  
Blogger Fmouie said...


10:02 AM PST  
Blogger ChiliGurl said...

FMouie....3 whores? Where is your mind today.......oh, nevermind. LOL xoxoxo

10:25 AM PST  

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